July 24, 2013

Lettering, hand drawing, sketching, my process

hand drawn lettering

When it comes to lettering, usually there has to be some kind of planning before getting down to business. Mostly I begin a lettering piece by doodling ideas, these help determine the basic layout and style.

From the doodles can I plan out my page, establish my text parameters using a box or curved lines for text to follow. This is the divided into lines or areas which maps the basic structure of the piece, usually I work on 1 section at a time in pencil, taking note of any connecting parts or ligatures.
After sketching out the design I move on to inking. At the moment I am favouring the Uni pin pens because they flow well and range from 0.8mm to 0.05mm which is great for those little details.
I like to do the outlines of the text first and rub out any pencil, this gives me a good idea of what I can do with the intricate parts of the drawing.
Often when i have finished a drawing I will tweak colours and spacings on the mac, this can really make a difference to the finish, I find using muted pastel tones with a punchy colour works really well.

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