Leeds Gin Festival

This weekend we will have a small popup stall at the Corn Exchange. We were very kindly invited by our good friends at the Gin Festival ( to join in with what is set to be a really great event. We are now setting up everything for the stall and trying to show Andy how to fold a t-shirt, it’s looking like I will have to make a simple folding machine for him! An A-board sign has been knocked together from a beautiful old and beaten pallet. Rebecca and Emma have done an amazing job sanding down our new POS blocks. The hangers have been sprayed matte black and I […]

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Oxblood is kickstarter funded

I am so excited to let you all know that we have done it! As of today the Oxblood & Co. debut range is funded, I can’t wait to get started on this and place bulk order with our printers. Once again I would like to thank everyone who has been involved by backing, sharing and believing in this project. Updates on progress will be posted as and when things happen. Thanks Adam

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Keeping it local

Oxblood & Co. T-shirts are printed in West Yorkshire. It was very important to me that I used a printer who was local and I have been extra lucky to have found Leeds based screen printers döts printhaus. Throughout the development of the Oxblood & Co. t-shirt samples their service has been second to none. The experience, enthusiasm and willing to experiment with techniques has been the biggest help. Being such a local company I have be extremely fortunate to be able to actually visit them and talk face to face, which is a major advantage when developing a product. All the prints are hand pulled, no automated printing, which […]

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Final week on kickstarter

We are into the final week of the Oxblood & Co. kickstarter project. I am really pleased with the response and great reactions from people towards the brand and t-shirt designs. Although, there is still some way to go before this project is funded So what is happening now? For the final week I am going to be pushing hard for new backers so we can meet the funding budget in order to start to putting the t-shirts into production. The letterpress side of things is underway and some picture of the test pieces will be coming soon. Thanks again to all who have backed, supported and promoted my project. […]

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What is Kickstarter & why are we using it?

Lots of people are already aware of kickstarter and the idea of crowd funded projects. However, it’s seems that way more people, particularly those in the UK, have never heard of this increasingly popular idea for funding your project or buying new and exciting things. To explain Kickstarter from the sellers point of view I will use my own project as an example. Oxblood & Co. is a fledgling business, we have very little money to put into placing bulk orders on t-shirts and a bank loan is just too risky. A successful Kickstarter project will allow us to gain a startup fund through ‘Backers’ (customers) pledging to buy our […]

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