screen print

Screen printing discharge ink

Recently I have been testing out waterbased discharge ink on 100% cotton and poly-cotton blends as more and more customers are looking to create effects or get a certain look by using specialist inks or techniques, the results have turned out well. A little background to discharge printing; unlike standard waterbased or plastisol inks where they require a white underbase when printing on dark fabrics, printing discharge does not need an underbase. Why is discharge printing good? There are a couple of good points. Firstly – you are able to remove a step (the underbase print) from your print job. Secondly – less ink is being added to the fabric, this means […]

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Keeping it local

Oxblood & Co. T-shirts are printed in West Yorkshire. It was very important to me that I used a printer who was local and I have been extra lucky to have found Leeds based screen printers döts printhaus. Throughout the development of the Oxblood & Co. t-shirt samples their service has been second to none. The experience, enthusiasm and willing to experiment with techniques has been the biggest help. Being such a local company I have be extremely fortunate to be able to actually visit them and talk face to face, which is a major advantage when developing a product. All the prints are hand pulled, no automated printing, which […]

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