t-shirt printing

Screen printing discharge ink

Recently I have been testing out waterbased discharge ink on 100% cotton and poly-cotton blends as more and more customers are looking to create effects or get a certain look by using specialist inks or techniques, the results have turned out well. A little background to discharge printing; unlike standard waterbased or plastisol inks where they require a white underbase when printing on dark fabrics, printing discharge does not need an underbase. Why is discharge printing good? There are a couple of good points. Firstly – you are able to remove a step (the underbase print) from your print job. Secondly – less ink is being added to the fabric, this means […]

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Gin Festival Event t-shirts

Gin Festival event t-shirts

Gin Festival needed event t-shirts for their event team. They asked us to produce black event t-shirts featuring their logo on the front and “events team” on the back in white ink. They were keen to have a high quality and comfortable t-shirt in a unisex and rolled sleeve ladies style. We advised using continental clothing tee’s for their great fit and superior quality. At each event the team setup and dress Gin Festival, this meant that the tees had to be comfortable while doing lots of moving and lifting. Continentals are good and soft, they are also 100% cotton which helps if gets a bit warm 😅 To keep the […]

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