Oxblood & Co. Debut Range, Let’s Make Something Great

A couple of years ago, I began creating fonts and through the process of font development found an interest in the art of hand lettering. Since then I have spent almost all of my spare time practicing my hand lettering skills. At first this was a just for fun pastime but after showing my work to friends, it was mentioned that some of my hand drawn pieces would work well as a t-shirt designs. A few digital mock ups later, Oxblood & Co was born. Taking inspiration from vintage logos, sign writing and lettering I set out to create some unique hand drawn designs using interesting or quirky phrases.


Oxblood & Co is all about the flow and individuality of hand drawn lettering, quality screen print and quality garments.


This first range will feature three hand drawn phrases inspired by the ocean mixed with a little vintage lettering. Design #1 ‘Tip of the Iceberg’. Design #2 ‘Cut Your Anchor Loose’. Design #3 “Time & Tide’ (the making of this design will be shown in a post update on Kickstarter)

The T-shirts are a soft ringspun cotton and cotton mix. Please see the size breakdown chart to find your size, sizes are stated in inches.

Why only 3 t-shirt designs? This is my first kickstarter project and i am wanting to keep things as simple as i can, having more designs means a bigger minimum order which in turn means a higher funding target. If this project does well, there is a chance a 4th design will be added to the range.


My goal is to firmly plant Oxblood & Co as an apparel brand and one in which people are excited and inspired by when worn.


Fortunately I have great local screen printer who produce nothing but high quality garments. All their prints are hand pulled, there is no automation here. Once funded, they will have the honour of printing this range. The t-shirts are a super soft ringspun cotton mix, which creates a fantastic tonal look. The design is printed using a discharge process giving the print a soft finish without a heavy ink coverage.


I have lots of ideas for future designs and ranges. If successful and once all orders have been processed and shipped, I will begin on a follow up range. If this project goes extremely well, surpassing my initial goal, I may be able to produce the next range in-house.

Thank you so much for checking out this project, i am really excited to get our first range produced and on to you guys.

Updates will be posted here with progress on the project, including development shots of the designs.

Find extra updates on our instagram and twitter feeds @oxbloodandco

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